It may be cute but the American Dagger Moth Caterpillar is anything but cuddly. Stay away!

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Not only are they toxic, according to, and they seem to be everywhere in the Granite State and Maine this early Autumn.

Hanging on webs off the limbs of trees and climbing up the walls and windows of houses.

While far from deadly, they will give you one heck of a rash if you pick it up.

Those 'adorable' yellow fuzzy wuzzy bristles? They're basically tiny needles that are covered in an irritating toxin, according to

Once these bristles stick into the unsuspecting sensitive skin of someone that picks up this caterpillar? They'll receive one heck of a rash that can last for days.

You can't blame the little guy, Mother Nature has given it this defense to keep every bird from having a free easy meal.

But consider yourself warned and please tell your young kids (it's most common victims)


Try the old classic, 'If it's yellow, let it mellow'.

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