Some of you remember him from American Pie, others from the funny kids film, "Rookie of the Year". He didn't help Cubbies much this year, but find out where he's been lately and what you maybe haven't been hearing about him! 

Most people remember Thomas Ian from this movie....


But before that, he made this super funny kids movie! 


Needless to say, he's in the hearts of Cubs fans forever thanks to "Rookie of the Year". Cubs need anything to help them wipe off over a 100 years of tears. So anyone Cub related is always warmly welcomed at Wrigley especially at times like these, well like last night. Nicholas showed up with his Rowengartner shirt on hopefully to add some Cub magic on things as the team faced elimination to the Mets last night.


Unfortunately for the Cubs they were eliminated and Nicholas' character couldn't do a damn thing to help them. I'm not sure who can. One thing came to light as I was looking into what Nicholas has been up to (hopefully no more American Pie movies. One was plenty). He's been rocking out actually. Looks like his music thing is pretty serious for him. Somewhere between Verticle Horizon and Lifehouse and The Calling is, The Thomas Nicholas Band.