Animal enthusiasts unite! Funds are running low at the Waterville Humane Society and they need your help to stay open. Here are a few ways you can contribute!

  • Adopt a new family member: Already searching for a new furry soulmate not in the form of a creep at the bar? Check out available dogs, cats, and other small animals!
  • Donate: Money, as well as regular animal necessities are always useful! Here's a list of all the possible donations.
  • Get involved: FB events have been floating around from patrons who decided to donate their time and skills to help raise money! To check what looks like fun, click here!

Personally, I fostered and adopted my own fur baby, Cicero, from the Waterville Humane Society around 4 years ago and had a great experience with the helpful and caring crew there!

Kristen AF, Townsquare Media
Kristen AF, Townsquare Media

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