A golden retriever was outside playing or taking a potty break and sadly got her beautiful little dog body stuck into an ice-filled plastic culvert in Falmouth on Sunday.

What is a culvert you ask? I'm glad you asked, it's a drainage pipe.

Falmouth Fire EMS via Facebook
Falmouth Fire EMS via Facebook

Now, this is scary because our animals are our family, and if anything happens to them we often act that same way if it were a human that was in need of help.

In some cases, we do even more for our pets than our humans.

I have even witnessed owners preparing their pets luxury dinners, like grilled chicken with basil and telling their husbands that there is a cup of noodles in the cupboard.

I mean, we are attached to our animals so much so that if our fur baby needs rescuing, we will do whatever it takes.

It is said that animals are silent angels sent down by God to give us nothing but love and endless loyalty.

Our pets are what innocence defines.

According to an article by WMTW, firefighters were called from Falmouth Engine 4, who worked alongside the Falmouth Police for more than an hour trying to free the dog from the drainage pipe.

They were gentle but put all of their might into rescuing her. Thankfully, after some time, they were finally able to pull her out of the pipe, according to a Facebook post from Falmouth Fire-EMS

The news station reported that the dog was uninjured throughout the entire "adventure."

She looked to be full of gratitude and paid each and every one of her heroes with lots of wet kisses and cuddles as you can see in the Facebook photo.

This goes to show that we Mainers pride ourselves in making sure all living things are taken care of.

If you need any rescuing, call on Falmouth fire and police because they will be your heroes any day.

Claps and snaps to Falmouth firefighters and the Falmouth police department for working to help rescue the pup.

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