It was Muse’s first time in Brooklyn and they got a very warm welcome at Barclays Center during the U.K. trio's New York stop on their Drones World Tour in promotion of their new album Drones. New York alternative rockers X Ambassadors served as support.

Muse kicked off their stunning set with “Psycho” and about eight massive drones fluttered around the venue. You might hear the hype about Muse’s live show, and you should believe the hype, as each song has something visually special to match it. The band has created their own atmosphere which exceeds any expectations both visually and sonically. With their circular stage right in the middle of Barclays Center there was no bad seat in the house.

Other new tracks that were performed included “Dead Inside” and “The Globalist” with a massive drone flying low circling around above fans. After each song, a fan next to me would say, “Oh my God a thing is happening!” and that was generally the mood and excitement for the night. Aside from the drone headquarters at the top of the stage, the lighting was stellar and screens came down during particular songs with striking images and graphics, some of them moving and aligning with certain beats and sounds.

Aside from the astounding production the sound that erupts from the band soars and gives you chills. The voice of frontman Matthew Bellamy is commanding but he’s not just a melodic crooner, he can shred too. Muse favorites were sang out loud by fans, “Hysteria” with AC/DC’s “Back in Black” as an outro and “Supermassive Black Hole” with Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” as an intro were just a couple of the highlights.

The encore included a merciless explosion of confetti and streamers during “Mercy” and the very memorable night ended with “Knights of Cydonia.” Without the fancy lights, screens, confetti, Muse live are completely stellar but pair the band’s talent with their production and they have created an out of this world concert experience.

Check out our photos of Muse at Brooklyn's Barclays Center in the gallery above!

Watch Muse's Concert Trailer for their 2016 Drones World Tour