I'm no fiddlehead foraging expert, but Pineland Farms is - and here's what I learned.

Pineland Farms is more than just amazing cheese (although their cheese is amazing). They have disc golf, skiing, trails for running and so many fun programs to get involved in. One that they started last year is fiddlehead foraging. They are doing it again with an event on May 6 (weather permitting).


This 90-minute hike and learning experience is fantastic. It's run by retired Maine Game Warden (27 years) Adam Gormely and Pineland's Outdoor Recreation Director Matt Sabasteanski. As you hike toward the banks of the Royal River (fiddleheads LOVE river banks) you will learn about the trees and a little about Pineland Farms. It has a sordid past, so they focus on the present.

See that group on the right? The last person in that group with the hat on and puffy jacket? That's me! Lori Voornas! I'm on the Pineland Farms Facebook page! Be prepared for hiking. It's nothing too strenuous at all but just be prepared so you don't think it's just flat grassy areas.

Even though this was about foraging fiddleheads, the main theme of the day was conservation. Respect the land and you will have years and years of foraging. That was a very important lesson and one that hopefully many Mainers can abide by. Here's what I learned! If you love fiddleheads (I've become a fan) get to foraging!


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