The Foo Fighters' traveling circus hit up Los Angeles last night (Sept. 22) for a full set of music. While playing the legendary Forum, Foo Fighters invited out Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell to jam "Had a Dad" and "Been Caught Stealing."

"I can honestly say that we would not f---ing be here right now without this person," Dave Grohl began. "This person is responsible for creating a movement and putting a fire under a evolution which eventually exploded and made my band and a lot of other bands come up into the mainstream and let people know what real f---ing music is all about. Because ladies and gentlemen, if it weren't for Perry Farrell we wouldn't be here right now. How many f---ing Lollapalooza's did you go to?"

Grohl and Farrell exchanged some funny banter between songs. Touching Grohl's broken leg, Perry joked, "I think in a few more weeks you ought to be ready to play football." Jane Addiction bassist Chris Chaney also made an appearance earlier in the night to jam "Cold Day in the Sun" with the Foos, also joking around with the bassist who once played alongside Taylor Hawkins in Alanis Morissette's band. Foo Fighters also brought out show opener Gary Clark Jr. to reprise his role on the Sonic Highways song "What Did I Do? / God As My Witness."

That's not even all to report on Foo Fighters special guest-apalooza. The night before, Tenacious D's Jack Black invaded the stage to sing Rush's "Tom Sawyer" with the Foos. Black received a thunderous ovation from the Sept. 21 Los Angeles crowd, even jumping off the ramp to sing closer to the crowd.

Check out footage from Perry Farrell's appearance above and Jack Black and Chris Chaney's cameos below!

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