Record Store Day ambassador Dave Grohl certainly delivered for the annual event, releasing Songs From the Laundry Room, a collection of early Foo Fighters demos recorded during his Nirvana days. Unfortunately, the RSD release was a hot commodity this past Saturday and sold out before many fans could get their hands on it. However, even if you missed out on it on RSD, you don’t have to turn out your pockets on eBay to hear Laundry Room. It’s now available for streaming -- take a listen above.

Laundry Room includes the previously unreleased “Empty Handed,” early cuts of the Foos’ “Alone + Easy Target” and “Big Me” and a cover of Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America.” Grohl recently said the demos were “just something to do” while touring with Nirvana. What’s more, Grohl estimates that the Laundry Room songs are only four out of about 20 he had to choose from.

The Foos frontman also recently revealed that he originally intended to release a recording of the band’s very first concert, which took place in Seattle in 1995. However, Grohl said he's still having difficulty tracking it down.

Laundry Room wasn’t the only thing Grohl had up his sleeve for RSD. On Saturday, he and the rest of the Foo Fighters celebrated by playing a show for 150 fans at Record Connection in Niles, Ohio.

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