I definitely hadn't heard of a few of these. Definitely worth trying out though, especially if you have an older vehicle that doesn't takes it sweet time warming up/defrosting for you in the morning. A former NASA enginer recently tested out some theories and came up with up some ways to supposedly defrost your windows twice as fast!

1.  Crank it bub! This one is kind of obvious but in the event you're not turning your heater up all the way, do it! Hot air can hold more moisture than cold air, and that's why blasting your windshield with hot air works better.

2.  However, the study showed to turn your A/C on?  Didn't expect that one but apparently the Air conditioners pull moisture out of the air, says the nerdy experimenter.

3.  Make sure your air circulation setting is OFF.  Air circulation button? Yeah, I said the same thing. I guess typically It's a button with a picture of a car with a circular arrow in the middle of it.  When it's on, it only recirculates air that's already inside your car. Good to know.

4.  Crack your windows for a few seconds. Another one I never would've thought of. This technique is to get the humid air out, and the dry air in.

Are you a visual person? Then watch the video above and good luck!