Ever since Binga's Express opened at the corner of Route 202 and River Road in Windham, drivers stopping at the intersection have gotten a laugh from the clever and funny messages on their sign. Their latest is another fine example of Binga's wit.

We don't know who the creative geniuses are behind the signs. For all we know they could just be stealing these off the internet, but we don't care. Something about seeing it up in letters on a sign just makes it funnier.

Their latest sign let's passersby know how they can spot their judgmental customers.

Joanne Ridlon

Thanks to Joanne Ridlon for sending this one into us. Apparently she had plenty of time because of construction on River Road during the morning commute.

Joanne Ridlon

That's going to be going on for two years! If you want to see Binga's sign and avoid the back up, Route 202 might be the better way to go.