This winter has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and temperatures. The temperatures you're familiar with. 40 degrees one day and then 10 degrees another. The emotions are mine. Anxiety and frustration as snow melts, freezes, remelts, freezes and melts again and yet there's still a giant patch of ice in my driveway that won't melt which I have almost slipped on three times this season. And it's not over yet.

Maine is going to feel like spring on Wednesday, yet it's still almost a full month away. Unless of course, you want to go by meteorological spring, which kicks off March 1. For my own sanity, I'm going meteorological.

According to News Center Maine Meteorologist Keith Carson, it seems we're in for some big temperature swings. By 3 p.m. Wednesday Keith is forecasting temperatures in Maine to be between 60 and 65 degrees. We're all gonna feel like this guy does when it's 47 in March, but it's still only February and we're in the 60s!

But Mother Nature can be a royal you-know-what, and what she gives she quickly taketh away on Thursday. When you wake up the next morning after enjoying Wednesday in your shorts and flip flops, you're going to get a shock to your system when you walk out to your car in the morning and the temperature has dropped 50 degrees in 12 hours to a not at all balmy 10 to 15 degrees. What the actual !@#?

But wait, there's more. All that snow that will have melted with these temperatures will quickly be replaced with at least another three inches worth of the white stuff, because Maine.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

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