We are bringing out the 90's Alternative Rock for you this weekend. This is the stuff CYY cut its teeth on in our infancy. Maybe you were kicking back int eh 90's listening to CYY while you scarfed down on Dunkaroos, while playing your Nintendo 64 and collecting your Beanie Babies. Sure, today we don't have Blockbusters and floppy discs, but we do have the awesome WCYY App. Download it and take our 90's Weekend with you wherever you go!


We found some classic 90's Maine TV commercials to help bring you back. This one from Marden's. remember the Marden's lady?




Here's one for York's Wild Kingdom. The theme song alone will bring you right back to the 90's!




And a great retro spot from Shaws. This one from 1991.

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