Starting next week, you can have a side of COVID-19 vaccine to go along with your fried clams or pancake breakfast at the iconic Becky's Diner on Portland's Waterfront. MaineHealth announced that they would be setting up shop at Becky's on June 2 and 3.

Is this the most Maine thing ever, or what? If I can't get my Phizer jab while standing in the middle of the LL Bean Trout Pond, then this is the next best thing. But what to order to go along with my shot? I'm a breakfast anytime guy, so I might have to go with the Becky's Hobson's Wharf Special. That's two eggs, pancakes, home fries, toast, and my choice of bacon or sausage.

Owner Backy Rand said in a press release: "Our hope is that bringing the vaccine to our business will help it reach a segment of the population that has not received a vaccination for what is likely a wide range of reasons,"


Another great thing about getting your vaccine shot at Becky's Diner is that you'll be rewarded with a $15 gift card. That leaves me 3 extra bucks after I get my Hobson's Wharf Special!


This is just one of many historic moments in Becky's history. The restaurant started in 1991 as a place for fishermen to eat before they went out on their boats for the day. Becky's is a pretty busy place at 4 am! It's also seen its share of celebrity guests, from Taylor Swift to President Bill Clinton. Who knows who you might see getting their vaccine on June 2 and 3? Just come by; vaccines will be available to people 18 and older from 6 am to 2 pm


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