I know I wasn't the only one who was surprised and devastated when Brian Boru announced that it was closing its doors suddenly.

Prepare yourself: in its wake, more change is coming.

You know that huge parking lot behind the former Brian Boru, the one you'd gaze out over from the back deck? The development company North River IV proposed to convert the city block next to the Old Port into a six-story parking garage with space for retail and housing, according to the Press Herald.

The new structure would be bordered by the buildings at One and Two Portland Square, also owned by North River IV. The new parking structure would include 1,000 spaces on seven levels (including ground level), 24 housing units, and roughly 27,700 square feet of office space facing Fore Street, the newspaper stated.

The Press Herald stated that the plan includes almost 5,600 feet of ground floor retail space, and ample pedestrian walking spaces near Cotton Street with planter boxes, benches, and green spaces. A ten-year plan includes further development of the city block down the hill, surrounding Rivalries Bar, the newspaper reported..

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