Maybe Giants Kicker Lawrence Tynes is feeling a little blue that his team didn't even make the playoffs and will have to kick back and watch Tom Brady and Co. play on the sports world's biggest stage.

For whatever reason, Tynes (@lt4kicks) took to Twitter following the Pats AFC title game victory over the Colts:

"The Pats have learned to celebrate the hell out of those AFC Championships because the know what comes 2 weeks later. #0-2inGlendale" 

On the heels of a Monday story that the NFL is investigating claims the Patriots deflated footballs during the AFC title game, Tynes made reference to one of the most painful moments in Patriots Super Bowl history. He dredged up the memory of former Giants wide receiver David Tyree's improbable catch in 2008:

"I see that time has not healed the wounds of the Patriots faithful. Hang in there. Correct PSI is 13 equipment guys, helps stick to helmets."

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