Now that we are almost back to normal, it's time to have Takoma and Caden back together.

In case you don't remember, last year kids were still in remote learning mode with a hybrid model and struggling. By the time March rolled around, kids who had remote learning were having a tough time finding the motivation to get up on their own and do homework. That's when Takoma and Caden got together and made a motivating video that was sweet, loving, encouraging, funny and just plain good!

Now that school is mostly back to normal (will we ever really see normal again?) Takoma and Caden are back together for another project. This time it's all about the teachers and how much we appreciate them! If Covid taught us one thing, teachers are the most undervalued, underappreciated vital link for our kids! So this week happens to be Teacher Appreciation Week! Here in Maine, it runs through the weekend, but nationally, it's a Monday through Friday celebration. Lots of places are having deals for teachers. USA Today listed some discounts or freebies. A lot of the places listed aren't in Maine. But some are...

Do you know what is in Maine? Takoma and Caden. They came back together to do this great video. What makes this extraordinary is a high school student finding the time with everything they juggle to come and hang with and be a positive role model for an elementary school kid and have so much fun collaborating creatively in a digital medium.

Fingers crossed that this dynamic duo can pair up again soon!



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