Maine's outspoken governor believes children in Maine would be more productive with a more condensed school year that ends before Memorial Day. 

No more classes, no more more lengthy school vacations in February and April either. That could all be true if Gov. Paul LePage's idea of how school years should work in Maine came to pass.

According to the Sun Journal, LePage believes that there are too many vacations for school kids during the year in Maine. He'd much rather see a school year that starts after Labor Day and ends before Memorial Day. The only way to accomplish that goal would be to eliminate the lengthy vacations that children get throughout the school year.

Why? Multiple reasons. The newspaper reported that LePage believes less vacations during the school year and one, larger summer vacation will help parents secure proper childcare for their kids.

The Sun Journal also reported that LePage believes the changes would allow Maine kids who are old enough to work to secure summer jobs. He believes seasonal businesses are forced to find different ways to hire staff because kids in Maine are in school too late into June.

Both students and teachers may cringe at the idea of eliminating vacations from the school year but in theory, LePage's ideas seem reasonable and forward thinking. But what do YOU think? Would you be favor of cutting out school vacations like February so that the school calendar year is shortened?

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