Well, this year is the year Marvel Legends becomes the all-encompassing elite collectors line for Hasbro. After being home to the 6" adult collector figures, then adding in the 3.75" figures, Hasbro announced earlier today a 12" scale would be under the Legends umbrella, too. The company isn't stopping there. While Hasbro has been making roleplay toys for kids for the past few years, including weapons and masks all with a decidedly childlike bent, there hasn't been much for those of us with hands big enough to hold a basketball. This fall, the Marvel Legends line will expand to take care of that.

Coming sometime during Q4 this year, Marvel Legends' roleplay gear will finally give the big kids exactly what we've always wanted: replica Captain America shields and Iron Man helmets. There have been others, there's no denying that. Many companies have tried to fill that void, but have either been relatively cheap alternatives or so expensive, you barely want to breathe on it, let alone wear it. While the jury is still out on how well-made Hasbro's Marvel Legends accessories will be, they certainly do look up to snuff in these first teaser images.

The Iron Man helm and Captain America shield were revealed by Gizmodo, and show just how seriously Hasbro is taking the Marvel license in the coming months. Though there have been a wealth of action figures and vehicles from the company, the rapid expansion of the Legends banner and brand bodes well for those of us hoping to fill our homes with comic character paraphernalia without having to break the bank on authentic Hollywood goods.

That said, these first two pieces are expected to retail for $100 each, which isn't exactly light on the wallet. Cap's shield will be a massive 24" around though, just like the one in the movies, and Iron Man's helmet does have functioning lights and sound effects. You can also take the faceplate off, though it's not an automatic process like it is in the movies (or even the kiddie version from last year).

Now I just need to find room to hang that shield in my house. You know, from when I'm not wearing it while I work at my desk. I'd wish for the Star Wars Black Series to do the same thing, but Hasbro already started with that Kylo Ren roleplay helmet. Hopefully there's more coming from that line this year, too.



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