There are too many things to love about Maine, from our diverse landscapes to our fresh, local cuisine. We have put ourselves on the map as a foodie destination with top-rated restaurants popping up around the state.

When major publications feature our culinary scene, it’s typically our fine dining restaurants or places with the best views.

Our classy restaurants are spectacular and have incredible chefs and seasonal menus but we locals know one thing to be true: nothing beats a hole in the wall.

Hole in the Wall Restaurants in Maine

I recently wrote an article talking about how some of the best places to eat in Maine are holes in the wall.

This article was inspired by a trip to Susan’s Fish-N-Chips in Portland and since I mentioned the restaurant in the article, hundreds of comments poured in declaring their love and adoration for the local spot.

I’m serious. Sometimes I’m lucky to get like, 15 comments on an article, and the one that mentioned Susan’s Fish & Chips had HUNDREDS.

It was the first time I had ever even heard of it and tried it but apparently, I was late to the game because Mainers freaking LOVE this place.

Susan’s Fish-N-Chips in Portland, Maine

This is a restaurant right in front of you, you drive by it all the time, but you may have not even noticed it. Located across the street from our favorite local watering hole, Samuel’s, is a seafood restaurant that locals have loved for decades.

Susan’s Fish-N-Chips has been open since 1989 and has been loved for just as long.

The comments from Mainers about the beloved restaurant shared how it never disappoints; how they’ve been going every month for decades and love it the same; they have the best clam cakes in town, the positive comments went on and on.

The local joint has a sign that’s worn down, their original menu out front is faded, and the decor inside is outdated and that’s how you know it’s going to sling good food. Like I said before, holes in the walls are often where you’ll find the most authentic meal.

This was a place I have driven by daily and never knew of but once I tried it and shared my experience, I realized I had been living under a rock.

Mainers love a lot of things and Susan’s Fish-N-Chips is one of ‘em.

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