We all take safety seriously, right? That includes personal safety, and where we choose to live.

But ever wonder how your town rates when it comes to the safest places in your state? Or if you're planning on moving or visiting the area, you might just want to know that answer, too.

Well, Safewise.com put together a list of the safest cities in New Hampshire, and you can see how they stack up.

Is It Safe to Live in New Hampshire?

Thankfully, the report reveals that the crime rates continue to decline in New Hampshire and are among the lowest in the U.S.

The safest towns are well below state averages for crimes, according to the report.

Safewise.com also shows that it seems that even Granite Staters saw a decrease in property crime compared to 2021.

The report reveals that the percent for concern about safety in New Hampshire (42%) is pretty in line with the average across the country, despite the low crime rates in the Granite State.

Also, the No. 1 safest town in NH in 2021, Danville, went to No. 10 for 2022, according to safewise.com.

So there's a new No. 1 for 2022, which just so happened to have moved up a couple of spots from its previous ranking.

Do you feel safe living in New Hampshire? Have you ever thought of moving to New Hampshire but not sure if it was a place to go?

Thankfully, the Safeise.com report provides some insightful data, and really highlights that it's definitely a safe place to be overall.

Let's take a look at the list of the safest places in New Hampshire for 2022.

These Are the 10 Safest Places in New Hampshire

Is it safe to live in New Hampshire? Thanks to a report from Safewise.com, here are 10 of the safest places to live in New Hampshire.

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