Three weeks to go. Will this end up being the warmest summer in Portland on record?

We know we are coming off a July that was the warmest month OF ANY MONTH EVER in Portland. And we have another heatwave kicking in this week.

So, yeah, we think the odds are good to hit #1.

Our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray gave us this update:

"The average temperature this summer at Portland has been 70.7 degrees so far. The warmth has been driven primarily by low temperatures which were consistently very warm through much of July and into August. This has been a result of frequently humid conditions which do not allow the temperature to cool off as well at night."

If we stay around that 70-degree zone we will blow away the warmest summer on record from 2018: Here are your Top 10 going back to 1940.


Looks like we are heading into another heatwave this week. At least three days in a row with temperatures above 90. This will be especially true inland where the Heat Index will approach 100. Stay hydrated people!




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