It’s summertime again, and what pairs better with sunshine in New England than a little tequila, am I right?

For years, I’ve served up the same drink, but it remains nameless. (And you can totally help with that!)

The inspiration behind this drink is to avoid hangovers at all cost. Hydrate while you drink with coconut water because we all know you’ll forget to drink water by the end of the night. Here’s your chance to make my favorite summer BBQ drink into your own refresher!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no bartender, so brace yourself for some terrible etiquette. Brace yourself!

Get your shakers ready:

● ICE (Fill. It. Up.)

● 1 shot of 1800 Coconut Tequila (strengthen it up with another shot or 2 of decent clear tequila, the sweetness is strong with this one)

● Fresh lime juice (anywhere from a quarter to a half a lime)

● A few sprigs of fresh mint

● Eyeball enough Coconut water to make it an actual drink! (Whatever the heck kind you like)

Now, shake it to the beat of whatever song you’re listening to (trust the process) and strain! So it’s kind of like if you took DNA from a margarita and a mojito and spliced it together. Sometimes if I feel wicked fancy, I’ll infuse some berries or watermelon in the tequila at least a few hours beforehand. Garnish though? Don’t. Or you can will back into existence the lost weapons from your favorite Ninja Turtles action figures from when you were a kid to double as the coolest swizzle stick ever (warning: choking hazard -- ages 21+up).

Either way, enjoy this drink, the perfect way to enjoy summer in Maine. Now I just need some help with a name for it...

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