Hot enough for ya? Sorry, we had to do that. But, yes, it is indeed hot enough for us. Monday's high of 94 in Portland was not a record (we missed it by ONE degree), but it was the second earliest time it has hit 94 degrees in 80 years. Is this a sign of things to come for the summer? Our friends at the Farmers' Almanac call for a warm and stormy summer, with temperatures above normal. The Farmers' Almanac also prognosticates that the heat will stick around deep into September, so those air conditioners are not going anywhere for a while.

What Were The Hottest Days Ever In Portland?

According to ClimateSpy, here are the 5 hottest days in Portland history

2 Aug 1975         102.9°F

23 Jul 2011         100°F

28 Jun 1991       98.1°F

18 Aug 1987       97°F

16 Jun 1988       97°F


It will be nice to get a break from the heat this weekend, with highs expected to be in the '60s. Are these crazy weather swings or what? Memorial Day in the '40s. Then we go into the '90s and then back to the '60s. We must be in Maine or something. No complaining though, this is the weather we wish for on those cold and windy mornings in February!


In terms of the hottest MONTHS ever. Don't for that last July was the warmest month of all time in Portland!




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