Wow! Your final in Kansas City was 37-31 with the Patriots winning in overtime. What an amazing game.

Now the Pats are headed to Atlanta to meet the LA Rams. We're headed to the Super Bowl... again! It's our third straight Super Bowl appearance. Are you ready for it?





It was definitely a nailbiter of a game as the two teams went back and forth coming down to the wire with Kansas City tying the game up in the fourth quarter.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, they lost out on the coin toss, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes never got the chance to even touch the ball in overtime. Instead, Tom Brady and the Pats stormed down the field to score a touchdown and take the victory.

You can definitely breathe now after that insane game. Now, we're on to Atlanta.

What was your favorite part of the game? What was the standout play? And are you ready for the Super Bowl?

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