Every year, the Boston Bruins have a family weekend, typically to a "vacation-like" hockey city, where the players bring along a family member on the road.

In years past there have been dad's trips, and mom's trips, but this year was the sibling's trip, and my oh my did it look like one heck of a party.

The trip started off sweet as they headed to Dallas.

But then the fun started.

And who else but a Marchand? Brad's brother joked about what he does in his free time: poetry.

After the Bruins got a comeback win, for their siblings, of course, the REAL fun started. After all, they were in Dallas, about to be in Nashville, and their siblings won.

“The siblings brought us good luck,” Bruins coach Jim Montgomery told NESN’s Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley according to a NESN article.

And it did, especially headed into Nashville, where the Bruins stomped on the Predators 5-0.

“It’s been so much fun,” Swayman’s sister, Elizabeth, said to NESN. “Everyone’s great. So much fun. Such good vibes from everyone.”

The siblings gave Swayman the love he deserved.

And that is where the real fun started. Like a Marchy sibling pull-off event.

After the Nashville game, I am sure there were many beverages consumed.

The fam was buzzing, and for good reason...a killer two-game win streak on the road with their family.

"Well the MVP that I saw was Charlie Coyle's sister. She had so much energy and positive -- she was awesome," Montgomery said, according to a CBS article. "Very confident woman who brought a lot of laughs and camaraderie among the group when I was around them."

No wonder Charlie is feeling himself in this video below.

“It’s been an amazing trip for all of us,” Bergeron told NESN. “They’re a big part of our upbringing and getting to this point. They have a huge influence on our lives and we’re happy that we can share that with them.”

The trip recapped:

How about one more family photo from their family skate?

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