We have a winner of the #26 Kids Club contest, sponsored by Dead River Company. We are so proud to welcome New England running back Sony Michel to town, and we thought it would be great to have a kid be our official ambassador.

And that lucky kid is: Emerson Mitchell!

Emerson's job will be to represent all the kids in Maine who have cheered for Sony Michel this season. She will also welcome Sony to Portland and escort him to the stage at Aura on Wednesday, March 6!


Kids entered to be the President of the #26 Kids Club by writing an essay. And Emerson wrote a GREAT one:

My name is Emerson Audrey Cecile Mitchell and I’m six (almost seven) years old and in the first grade. I really want to be President of the #26 Kids Club for Sony Michel’s visit to prove to my brother that a girl can be just as good if not better than a boy president.


My parents wouldn’t let me stay up to watch all of the Super Bowl but the next day I watched Sony Michel make the touchdown with my dad and brother. It was so awesome, and I was very happy the Patriots won. Sony Michel is a smart player, super-fast and always tries really hard to catch the ball. While I have never played on a football team I have watched a lot of patriot games with my dad and went to all of my brother’s flag football games last year. He’s pretty good but not as good as Sony Michel, obviously.


Being a girl scout has helped me with being confident and know if given the chance I’d be comfortable onstage, not have stage fright and introduce him really well.


I have never been a president of a Kids Fan club before but feel like I will represent the kids of Maine properly during the celebration. Last year I was the announcer at my brother’s baseball game and introduced all of the players and positions and did not get scared at all. I love to smile and will make sure to smile a lot onstage and get the crowd really excited to meet Sony Michel.


Please pick me and I won’t let you down!


Thank you, Emerson
P.s. If you do not pick me, please pick my brother Carter Mitchell – he would do a good job, too.

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