Even if Maine is getting the COVID-19 vaccine, we are still reporting hundreds of new cases of the novel coronavirus daily across the state.

Being nearly a year into the pandemic, we may need a reminder on what happens if you got a call from a Maine CDC contact tracer in the event that you've been around someone who has just tested positive for COVID-19.

We'll get a call from the Maine CDC if you were diagnosed with COVID-19 or if you have been in close contact with someone who has been recently diagnosed with having the novel coronavirus.  A case investigator will contact those diagnosed with COVID-19.

However, if you have been in close contact with a person who has been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be contacted by a Maine CDC contact tracer.

As a 'close contact', you will be on a list to track your symptoms in case you do end up getting COVID-19.  Contact tracers will also advise you on how to keep others safe while you wait to see if you get COVID-19 or not.


Information may be asked from you that is kept private and safe but helps contact tracers track down others that may have been exposed to COVID-19.  Here's information that the Maine CDC will ask:

  • Your birth date
  • The county you live in
  • Your contact information which will include a phone number, mailing address, email address.  They'll also ask which method is best to connect with you if they need to contact you again.

To keep yourself safe in the event that you are skeptical that you are getting a call from the Maine CDC do know that the Maine CDC will never ask for the following information:

  • A social security number
  • Your citizenship or immigration status
  • A credit card number or bank account number
  • A billing address

For more information on Maine CDC contact tracing, visit the Maine.gov website dedicated to the tracers.

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