Sangillo's Tavern, one of Portland's oldest bars, will close it's doors after last call Saturday night, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The small bar on Hampshire Street is closing after losing an appeal to reinstate its liquor license, the daily newspaper reported on Tuesday. Over the past several months, they've been operating on a temporary license.

This was in result of frequent calls to the police and a shooting. Owner Dana Sangillo, who is the third generation (and current) in his family to own and operate the bar, told the Press Herald, "It's extremely disappointing" and then went on to say "When you're around for 60 years, you become part of the community." He hopes that someone will reopen the bar someday.

I wouldn't call myself a regular by any means but I did enjoy myself at this one of a kind bar when I would pop in from time to time. I remember occasionally being out with friends when one of us would say, let's get out the Old Port and go to Sangillo's.  Portland is definitely losing a long-time fixture this week.

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