Well, I guess it's "National DJ Day" or whatever its called. Assuming it means radio dj's included and not just the "wicky wicky scratch scratch" club DJ's; I'd like to use the chance to praise my favorites of all time.


was the ultimate radio character. He loved the music, he loved the listeners and he loved the energy from all of it splashing together! He was a major supporter of music and taking chances in presenting that music to people. He was, at many times, more of a rock star than the rock stars.. but in a good and respectable way. He's the guy you listen to and answer back to when he calls out to you! 

Here he is (as himself) back in the day in the movie "American Graffiti". Maybe THE greatest radio related scene of all time of all time in any movie, in my book. I really love love this scene.


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is only the person who coined the term "Rock n' Roll" and then presented it to the world on the radio, on concert stages, in the magazines and in the movies... He's one of the most important people in the history of music, if not THE most important really. 


ALAN FREED really helped boost everything we know about music. He opened the door to rock n' roll and everything that would come with it... including this below. At this time in the world, you simply did not have this happening on TV or ANYWHERE. Young black and white kids, dancing together. The music, unifying them. Bring them common joy and happiness. Alan Freed did a lot more than a radio shift my friends.



I feel is one of the top 5 most important people in music, NOT JUST RADIO, but in music in the past 40 years. The true specialty show radio DJ. He pretty much helped lauch the careers of The Ramones, Oasis, Beck, Devo, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, Tom Petty, Coldplay, The Smiths, The GoGos, The B52's, Nirvana, X, No Doubt and David Bowie. He basically single handedly brought David Bowie to the United States and set up his first public performance in LA.  He is what real radio is about. Thanks to my friend BeBe Buell, one of my greatest moments on WCYY was having Rodney on the air on Spinout as a special guest about 8 years ago.  

This is the trailer to the documentary about Rodney, The Mayor of Sunset Strip. It's like Forrest Gump in the music world. Rodney has seen and done and met everyone. It's an unbelievable story and a bit sad at times too. I've watched it about 20 times, no joke.






I grew up listening to these guys. They've been a team since 1981 people. 1981!! Still together as a morning show duo. Simply amazing! They were on radio WROR out of Boston about 50 minutes south of where I grew up in Nashua, NH. They weren't so much a new music concentrated program. Although they did play great music from like Chicago, the Doobies, Hall & Oates, Earth Wind and Fire. Light rock, which I love. They were adults doing fun time morning show radio with a news person, a traffic guy and a utility guy who did tons of voices and added in his punch. It wasn't crazy, Howard Stern stuff. Nothing shocking. It was super funny, well done bits, funny interviews and classic calls.

Their voices, classic. Loren's (Owens) voice is still one of the greatest radio voices ever. He was the main core of the pair usually starting up all bits and the first to talk after a song. The set up guy with possibly the best timing and response I've known on radio for comedy stuff. Wally Brine, who did radio in Maine for a while, is the other half of the duo who focused on Sports stuff and playing along with Loren's set ups. They've been the ultimate combo for 35 years! Through most of school and through graduation I'd hear them every morning during breakfast before the bus. My dad listened everyday getting ready and heading to work. In the summer I'd listen faithfully every morning in the car as my folks brought me to some type of swim, soccer, baseball, basketball practice. I'm a music guy and radio to me is mostly a music thing. Least that's always been my main interest in connection to it. These guys are THE exception and I don't think anyone does it better still to this day. They are just too, damn, good.  







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