We have updated COVID data from Nick Adams. Nick does it all-designer, researcher, and creator of all kinds of things from furniture to oil painting. A true Renaissance man!

Nick has some insightful and easy to follow COVID-related charts. You can check them out here.

Data dashboards are updated once per week and use official results from the Maine CDC.

What Maine town had the highest rate of COVID cases last week? That would be Sanford with 58 cases per 1000 people. Westbrook is second and Portland is third with 52 cases per thousand. For comparison sake, the Westbrook rate of cases is about the same as the Financial District in New York City. Not bad considering the trouble spots in New York City, like Brooklyn, are over 90 people per one thousand. Queens is over 125 people per thousand. The Lower East Side of NYC is in the area of many Maine towns at about 35 COVID cased per thousand people.   You can see the cases per thousand people for your Maine town and the entire interactive map HERE.


Nick Adams


Here is the chart for NEW cases of COVID in the last week. Portland tops that last followed by Lewiston and South Portland. That's not surprising considering these are the towns with the highest population. You can see your town and the entire interactive chart HERE

Nick Adams


Considering vaccination rates, Maine dropped a few spots this past week with the number of people partially vaccinated. West Virginia and Alaska lead the nation with over 6% of their residents partially vaccinated. Maine dropped from #8 to #15 last week. Hey, we're still near the top! You can see the full interactive chart here.

Nick Adams


Here's one of Nick Adams' maps for states rates of FULLY vaccinated people for the East Coast:

Nick Adams

You can see the entire USA Map HERE


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