I was living in my parents basement and working at a record store in North Conway. I was also 4 years out of high school and doing some part time radio at a top 40 radio station in Gilford. I had always loved CYY and always thought it would be cool to work there. I had a distant relative, the Guru from WBLM, that I thought might be a nice connection. After sending a demo cassette, I got a call from him and Program Director, Herb Ivy. I remember it clearly. I was at work and they had me on speaker phone and invited me to the station for an interview. I was pretty pumped to say the least.

I arrive at the legendary One City Center on a sunny day in March of 2000. We sat in Herb's office for a bit and after what seemed to be a successful interview, I was hired for my new position! Sunday nights from 9pm-5am. Not the peak listening time slot by any means but I didn't care, I was gonna be on CYY!

I came back a week later and trained a bit with the Wildman Zach. This was my first time doing digital radio, meaning using a computer system as opposed to CDs. I caught on pretty quick and on April 2nd it was time for my first show.

I did the Sunday night things for a month or so before I decided I really wanted to fly from the nest (aka my parents basement.) North Conway was a great place to grow up but I needed more excitement around me and things to do. I called Herb one day and left him a voicemail that I was looking for more hours and that I wanted to move to Portland. Then I called him 2-3 times after that until he finally returned my call. Long story short here, the best boss I've ever had just happens to be terrible at returning calls...it happens. He told me to come see him. I'm thinking somewhat good news is on the horizon if I'm driving 90 minutes. He told me that the night guy BC was moving to Colorado to take a teaching job in mid June and that the night show was mine if I wanted it, I nearly pooped myself I think. Not only am I snagging the night show on a station I grew up listening to, I also had a month and a half to move to Portland.

This has been an amazing 15 years to say the least. I get to work with an amazing group of people everyday and play music on the radio. I get to go to concerts and interact with listeners of the radio station. Lucky dude right here. Here's to another 20!