Ice Castles to Go up Soon

No need to go to Iceland to enjoy frozen fun.  Head over to North Woodstock, NH, this winter to check out the ice sculptures and so much more.

There are ice sculptures, icicles lit up with LED lights, frozen thrones, and more. The ice tunnels make for the perfect Instagram photoshoot. reports that depending on weather, construction on the attraction could begin as early as next week.

Lots of Work

Taking nearly 20 million pounds of ice, it’s a bit slippery so take your spikes with you and hang on to the kiddos.

Ice Castles is located at 24 Clark Farm Road, North Woodstock, NH, and they usually open in late December or early January.

According to their website, Ice Castles is projected to open in January 2022.

A team of around 20 people works for weeks to construct the castles out of ice, according to the CBS Boston news station, and it is the ninth year of the event.  They usually stay open until March, weather permitting.

Mark your calendar now so you don’t forget to head over there before the spring thaw to really enjoy the magic.

What to Do at Ice Castles

Besides taking in the wonderment of the artwork that is involved in constructing such an amazing display of ice sculptures, there is also a snow tubing hill and sleigh rides.

This year Ice Castles is going to include a special exhibit called “Winter Fairy Village,” according to

Take time to step outside and enjoy the wonder of artists and the natural world for a relaxing and fun experience.

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