Luckily no one was hurt, but it keeps happening and you've got to clean it off!


According to WMTW, earlier this week, ice cracked the windshield of a school bus on Route 113 in Baldwin.

Ledgemere Transportation facebook

Luckily this bus was heading to pick up kids and did not have any students on board. The bus driver had glass on her, but was not injured. Needless to say, it really scared her. The ice came flying off an oncoming car.

Ledgemere Transportation put out a reminder, a desperate reminder, to PLEASE clean off the roof of your car. I know it can be hard, and a super pain in the butt - but what would have happened if the bus was filled with kids and the driver lost control?

Ledgemere Transportation facebook

It is NOT illegal in Maine to have snow and ice on the roof of your car. New Hampshire just passed a law making it illegal. It's only a matter of time before it becomes a law here in Maine. Do the right thing now.