Is New England losing its edge when it comes to our trademark grumpiness?

It's a fair question, after two New England cities made a list of the “least Grinchy" in the United States.

According to, Hartford, Connecticut came in last out of 50 major cities in a study on Christmas crankiness.

Hartford earned the honor by holding 1,926 holiday events and festivals per 100,000 residents, coming in first in the United States.

Meanwhile, Providence, Rhode Island ranked just behind Hartford. According to the study, Providence holds 981 holiday events per capita.

Both cities also scored high in ice rinks, Christmas tree lots, holiday markets and gift shops.

This comes after New Hampshire was ranked the number one state in the United States for Christmas cheer for the second consecutive year.

This comes as no surprise when you factor in the state’s elaborate Christmas displays, such as this house that uses Christmas lights to raise money for charity – as well as these massive gingerbread houses on display at a historic New Hampshire hotel.

It's also the home of a beloved Christmas-themed amusement park visited annually by a WWE Hall of Famer.

In Massachusetts, meanwhile, you can visit a house with 235 inflatable Christmas decorations and over 50,000 Christmas lights. (But get there before its grand finale!)

Meanwhile, a city in Massachusetts was ranked the second-best in the nation for trick-or-treating. And the best city in America to raise a family.

Another notable Massachusetts town saw a surprising decrease in "spookiness."

As if that’s not enough – one Massachusetts city scored a bit of an upset when it was named one of the most “smiley” cities in America.

But have no fear - at least one New England town came through - when it was named one of the five grumpiest cities in America.

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