Brain Stuff-How Stuff Works has published a video explaining why people talk in that "old-timey" accent in old movies and there could be a connection to our Maine accent. 

In old movies from the 30s and 40s, people spoke in a strange accent that isn't around today in it's original form.

It's called the Trans-Atlantic accent and typically drops R's and pronounces softer vowels like. Instead of pronouncing 'aunt' like ant, the Trans-Atlantic accent pronounces it as ahhnt. This was an accent that was actually taught in some school in New England, and Mainer's today sure do drop their R's and most pronounce 'aunt' as 'ahhnt.' Could this be where our accent evolved from?

Watch the video from BrainStuff - HowStuffWorks that explains the Trans-Atlantic accent, how it came to be, and why we only hear it in old movies and newsreels today.


So what do you think? Do we have teaching of the Trans-Atlantic accent to blame for us pahkin the cah in the dooryahd?

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