Time and time again we've said it -- we've seen some of the most insanely charitable acts around New England (and especially Maine) since the start of the pandemic. And now that we're through the worse of it, vaccinations are being dished out on the daily and masks are able to be dropped because we finally feel like we have a real good handle on this thing, we're STILL seeing selflessness.

Especially in Newcastle, Maine, where Erica Berman and her husband Alain Ollier have literally taught themselves new life skills to better the lives of fellow Mainers in need.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, Erica and Alain decided to teach themselves how to farm and grow organic produce with the intention of going straight from farm to table to feed the hungry in the state. Back in 2019, they started their own nonprofit, Veggies to Table, which they describe as a grow-to-donate organization that's focused on ending hunger in Maine.

You may remember back toward the end of January/beginning of February, Good Shepherd Food Bank announced their $250 million Campaign to End Hunger in Maine, vowing to make hunger an obsolete thing in the state by 2025. THIS is how we do that and THIS is how we get there -- together.

Erica told WMTW that they donate the food they grow to about 30 different local organizations, and in their first full year of existence, DURING A PANDEMIC MIND YOU, 2020 saw them grow and donate 11,000 pounds of organic food.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Erica even said once she learns to master growing the organic produce a bit more, within the next few years she wants to pay it forward and bring an educational aspect into the farm, which will allow her to teach others how to grow their own organic food.

Honestly, no one and nothing stands a chance against our community. Not a pandemic, not hunger -- NOTHING. Because when we have people as selfless as Erica and Alain in the world, who want to turn around and pass that knowledge and selflessness along -- no one can touch us.

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