Rob Halford has no qualms about praising newer metal artists, especially when it comes to Ghost. In fact, he recently declared that the Swedish rock band are downright essential to saving rock music.

Back in November, the Judas Priest frontman spoke with Revolver about his love for the group. Specifically, he cited “Elizabeth” (the lead single from their debut LP, 2010’s Opus Eponymous) as his favorite song. Why? Because “of its valuable insight [into] the origins of [vocalist] Tobias [Forge]'s singular manner of composition, arrangements and textures, whereby one can sense enormous potential.”

He’s got a point, as Loudwire named “Elizabeth” Ghost’s 8th-best song in our 2018 ranking.

Halford’s love for Ghost didn’t end there, however, as he also professed that the group are "crucial" to revitalizing the genre as a whole:

Ghost are an important band on a variety of levels. Rock & roll — I use that term loosely in this context — needs a band like Ghost to refocus and re-energize us. Tobias meticulously created and sought out, firstly, the strength of Ghost musically, and secondly, the crucial visual elements, and both have drawn us into his world of Emeritus mystery and intrigue.

His latest remarks shouldn’t be too surprising given that they come roughly seven months after he told Finland’s Chaoszine that he’s overjoyed by Forge’s success. In particular, Halford stated: “I'm so happy for [him], to see his ambition and his dreams become so real. He's worked really hard to make Ghost into this worldwide experience. The guy's a great talent, fantastic performer onstage. . . . The records are wonderful; I've been following his career."

Of course, Halford’s adoration is but one of many reasons for why 2022 has been great for Ghost. For instance, in addition to being Loudwire’s pick for the 2022 Artist of the Year, the band saw “Mary on a Cross” (from 2019’s Seven Inches of Satanic Panic EP) become a viral sensation on TikTok. (It also became Ghost’s most-streamed song on Spotify.) Plus, their latest studio record, Impera, won a 2022 American Music Award for the inaugural Favorite Rock Album category.

Clearly, Ghost have been getting a lot of love this year.

How do you feel about Rob Halford’s assessment, though? Let us know!

Also, you can check out Ghost's 2023 tour dates and tickets here. As for Judas Priest's upcoming shows, click here.

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