Serj Tankian has released a new song called "A.F. Day," which he said was originally written for System of a Down.

The song will be featured on the rocker's upcoming solo EP Foundations, which will be out in September through Gibson Records. The track gradually builds up in intensity, and about halfway through, you can hear why Tankian imagined it for System of a Down.

“This is a song I wrote in the early days of SOAD that I never released," the singer said of the track. "The majority of the instrumentation and vocals are recordings from that time. Dystopian in mood, it’s a reflection of the angst and anti-authoritarian attitude I had to conformity.”

Serj Tankian, 'A.F. Day'

Tankian told Loudwire Nights host Chuck Armstrong in a new interview that a lot of the EP's songs are older, though "A.F. Day" was the oldest of the bunch. However, he asserted that he never presented the tracks to the band in the first place — though he couldn't remember why.

The vocalist also touched on the future of System of a Down, and whether there will be new music from them anymore.

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"We have a long but complicated history as all bands do and our differences are primarily creative differences because we all love what we do so much and we care about the authenticity of what we do so much," he said.

"It's those creative differences, and yes, there are ego issues...I'm proud [those are] our differences and we love and respect each other, irrespective of all that."

Tankian added that the door is always open for the band to work on new material.

Listen to the full interview toward the bottom of the page.

Serj Tankian on Loudwire Nights

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