It is kind of hard to believe that it has been over four years since the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our lives.

One minute we were enjoying our lives and looking forward to what 2020 would hold. The next, we were dealing with closures and trying to navigate the 'new normal'.

The pandemic kicked off a series of big changes in how we live our lives.  Some of those changes ended when it was realized that the pandemic would become endemic.  Other changes have been adopted on a more permanent basis.

Not surprisingly, the global pandemic had such an impact on many people's lives that it has become a time marker in their lives.  This is very true for me.  I often find myself saying things like "It's been a few years since that song came out.  It was before the 'rona", or "It's only been around a few years.  The place opened after the pandemic".

Do you remember the stimulus checks?

Near the pandemic's beginning, as we all dealt with an economy that had slowed to a crawl, the federal government issued a series of 'stimulus' checks.

The idea was that people would spend this money on non-essentials in order to keep the economy going.  The hope is that people would spend the money on restaurants, electronics, toys, jewelry, and stuff for their 'staycations'.  However, because of the state of the economy and the number of layoffs caused by the pandemic, much of that money ended up being spent on necessities.

In addition to several checks from the federal government, some states issued their own checks.

Apparently, not all of those checks were cashed.

Unclaimed Stimulus Money in Maine

According to WGME, the state is currently holding onto millions of dollars in unclaimed stimulus money.

Of the 2.3 million stimulus checks issued to Maine residents, about 40,000 of those checks were not 'cashed'.  The total amount being held onto by the state is over $19 million.

Based on the WGME article, it appears that these unclaimed funds are from several inflation and energy relief programs enacted by Governor Janet Mills.

The process of checking to see if you are owed money is really easy.  Just click HERE and follow the instructions.

In addition to checking for unclaimed pandemic relief money, the portal also checks to see if you are entitled to other unclaimed money.  This could be from closed bank accounts, unpaid salaries, and refunds.

In total, Maine is holding onto over $345 million in unclaimed money.

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