According to a press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety Spokeswoman, Shannon Moss, human remains have been discovered in Maine.

The release indicated that a surveying crew that was working off of Red Bridge Road in the city of Ellsworth, Maine on Tuesday morning, incidentally stumbled upon human skeletal remains.

Red Bridge Road, Ellsworth, Maine
Red Bridge Road, Ellsworth, Maine

Moss says that the Ellsworth police department immediately notified Maine State Police of the discovery. As such, Maine State Police deployed their Major Crimes Unit (North) to the scene to take over the investigation.

Since then, the skeletal remains have been taken to Augusta to the Office of The Chief Medical Examiner. The Medical Examiner will begin working on figuring out what led to the death as well as attempting to make a positive identity on the remains.

Moss said that at this time there is not public safety threat as it appears the remains had been in the woods for quite some time.

The investigation remains open and we will continue to update this story as more information becomes available to us from the Maine State Police.

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