I know what you're thinking, is this something that actually happens? Yes, it is.

People sometimes live in storage units. A self-storage facility is a place where you can rent a space to store your items for a monthly fee.

Why would someone want to live in a storage unit?

Some people might think about living in storage units for different reasons. First, I think we can all guess that affordability has something to do with it. I don't believe a person wakes up and has a lifelong dream of living in a small storage unit. When folks don't have much money, the low cost of a unit could seem like a good idea compared to other housing options or being out on the street.
Secondly, if something happens and you suddenly are without a home, living in a unit could seem like a quick and temporary fix.
Lastly, some might consider a storage unit to be a private place where they will not be bothered by anyone.

Is it illegal to live in a storage unit in Maine?

Living in a storage unit is in fact against the law in Maine, just like it is across the United States, according to Maine Legislature.

Both the facility owner and person renting the unit are not allowed to use it for a home. If someone is found living in a storage unit, the business must evict them to follow the law and insurance rules.

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