Ever heard of a micro deli? No? Me neither. Let's get into it. An Italian micro deli is preparing to be open at 5 Park Street in Lewiston late this summer or early fall, according to the Sun Journal. The location was previously taken by "Gallery at 5 Park."

A micro deli is a small deli that focuses on providing carryout and delivery food services, according to Spectrum News. 

According to the article, Evan Mancini is a young entrepreneur developing Mancinis' with a team of seasoned professionals.
The deli will specialize in carryout and delivery food services, featuring a menu that includes fresh pasta, salads, traditional Tuscan flatbread sandwiches, and desserts.
This micro-deli wants to offer Lewiston homemade pastas, desserts, cheeses, and sauces, and Lewiston is ready for it.

Looks like this will be a made-to-order style spot with delicious sandwiches that will be created on house-baked schiacciata, as per the report. My mouth is watering already!

It seems like a lot of family love will be involved in this little spot, and it's been planned for some time now. Mancini shared in the report that he and his team are pulling their inspiration from a series of hand-written cookbooks from the late 1980s. Guess who wrote these cookbooks? His grandfather, Robert Mancini, a first-generation Italian. Now that is beautiful!

I am confident that our wonderful city of Lewiston is going to welcome this new spot with open arms and hungry bellies!

The goal is to open doors in late summer or early fall. Store hours are projected to be  Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

They will offer carryout and delivery. Due to the small space, future plans do include (maybe) adding outdoor seating on a small patio the following summer.

Mancini sees the deli as a blend of traditional and modern, and I can't wait to try it out! Table for two, please!

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