So why exactly is an in-school vending machine raising eyebrows from teachers, parents and students alike? Is it because the thing takes your dollar and spits out an ice-cold Bud Light?

No, not at all.

It's actually raising eyebrows because of how AWESOME it is.

In a recent article published by Maine's WABI TV 5, the parent teacher organization at a Maine school district recently purchased a unique vending machine that is aimed at rewarding good behavior and character traits in area students.

WABI reports that the Old Town Elementary School recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. And, as such, they decided to go all out.

The PTO made the exciting decision to purchase a new vending machine for the school. But this isn't just any ordinary vending machine. You won't get a bag of Lays or a Snickers bar out of this thing, but you CAN get a book!

thought-catalog, Unsplash
thought-catalog, Unsplash

That's right, the PTO in Old Town purchased a book vending machine recently. But how does it all work? According to the news station, to utilize the book vending machine, each student must earn tokens by exemplifying a positive characteristic or behavior.

The school's hope? By the end of this school year, all of the 500 students are able to earn a book out of the machine.

Here is what some of the youngsters told WABI about the new machine.

“It’s very helpful for kids that don’t really have enough money to afford it,”

“The idea of it is just bomb and I really just enjoy having fun with it and seeing kids use it. I do love the options inside,”

“At my old school we didn’t have one of these and it’s really cool that this school has one,”

So if you're on the board of an area PTO and are interested in learning more about this cool new vending machine, just reach out to Old Town and ask any questions you might have. We're sure they'd love to spread as much info on this as they can.

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