I have to admit, I kind of chuckle nervously as I write this.

When you start reading articles about AI tech taking over certain jobs and you work in radio, you kind of have to laugh it off. It's true, I could probably easily be replaced by a machine tomorrow, and it's probably brave of me to say so. I've seen some of those deep fake videos online, and it makes me wonder how I'm still here, hahaha.

We've all used the self-checkout at some point, and that's a great example of tech taking over a human's job.

But the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of jobs out there that could easily be replaced by a robot, or a computer. Although, these things all still lack the human touch. And certainly the human connection... But nevertheless, some things just won't always stay the same as they are now.

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The folks over at BetKentucky.com just released a study showing what types of jobs here in Maine are most likely to be lost to technology. Some we've already seen. We've all used the self-checkout at some point, and that's a great example of tech taking over a human's job. Although anecdotally speaking, most businesses that use them say they never laid people off, they just put them to work in more necessary spots.

But let's look at some of the jobs that may not make it in the long run here in Maine. From a business standpoint, you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries with some of these replacements. It's crazy. So what are the odds AI could take some of these jobs? Let's look...

Office Workers - 100%

Back view of a businessman working with a computer
Wavebreakmedia Ltd

This could be many different positions in the average office. Everything from people who answer phones, to using things like dictation programs so that you can write letters and memos without even using your hands. It's crazy.

Bookkeepers/Auditors - 100%

Jirapong Manustrong
Jirapong Manustrong

It's funny how some of this tech has already slipped in right under your nose. More modern finance programs offer a lot more options to keep track of inventory and expenditures, often making it possible to have less employees on hand.

Certain kinds of labor jobs - 100%


Some companies overseas have already started producing robots that can do the work of people. It's been happening in the auto industry for decades at this point. But next it could be almost any kind of labor job. Eventually this technology could fill warehouses, etc.

Fast Food Workers - 99%

a fast-food employee gives a customer her order

The pandemic really forced a lot of industries to see just how many people it took to do certain jobs because staffing issues became so common. Self ordering kiosks and self serve soda machines and such have made it very clear how many fewer employees a business like that really needs.

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants - 94%

Happy tele marketer working looking at camera at office

The exceptions could easily be legal, medical, and executive assistants. These positions will likely always require people to do them because of the intricacies that can come with them. Many other types of jobs could just as easily disappear though.

When you look at the odds that these jobs could slowly just go away, it's pretty humbling. It's weird to see jobs that have been such an integral part of Maine's workforce, might disappear due to technology. Obviously, it's the way of the future. Even if it is scary.

There were many other jobs that weren't that much further down the list like medical secretaries, delivery drivers, cashiers, bank tellers... they could all be gone someday too. I'm not saying it's time to panic yet, but the times they are a-changin'... Get with them or be left behind. As I nervously chuckle in my radio/writing job...

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