Everybody has to make a buck...

We all have our jobs. Sometimes we have regular jobs. Sometimes boring jobs. And never jobs that seem to pay quite enough money. Outside of dealing drugs or doing anything that hurts people directly, however you choose to make your money is fine by me. Frankly, even if it means you work in the sex industry in some way.

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I know that's a taboo subject for some people, but face it... sex is a business, and it always sells. So if one were to have the desire to do so, that's their choice. Now obviously, human trafficking is a whole other issue that is horrible, and undoubtedly there are times when these subjects overlap. My heart goes out to anyone who's been in that position. That's not work, that's slavery. That should never, ever be tolerated.

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There are some safer ways this kind of work is done.

Adult movie only labeled on Video Tape for Pornography movie concept

Many folks choose to be adult performers, whether it's an exotic dancer in a club, or someone who works private parties. But more and more, this kind of work has moved to the internet. You can see many empowering documentaries that show how many people are thrilled with the work they do, and the joy it brings to others.

Oleg Elkov
Oleg Elkov

And Mainers are NOT being left out of the conversation. According to a website called BedBible.com, which I can't link out to directly, because I'll get concerned notes from HR about sites I've checked out at work, hahaha. But these folks have looked at a lot of data from online searches, and discovered Maine ranks 5th in the nation for creators on a certain site that caters to "Only Fans". Wink, wink...

Marcos Calvo
Marcos Calvo

Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste your own links today, folks.

Again, if I try to link out to either of these sites, "Barb" in HR will suffer a stutter in her pacemaker and I'll be stuck in training videos for improper use of company internet, until I'm even older, and greyer. But BedBible.com has been able quantify quite a bit about how Mainers contribute to that site.

Around the state, Maine has just under 400 active contributors, and most are in Southern Maine. This places us 5th in the nation. Between all of them, they have have around 1.5 million followers, and their average income is about $340 a month. Obviously, some make more and some make less, but that's the average. And that's not chump change, that's a car payment!

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New Hampshire was right behind us at #7, but shockingly Connecticut was #1! They make a little more money per month in CT, but the cost of living probably squashes that difference. But again, there's no shame here. If you've got it, shamelessly flaunt it! Mainers are definitely bringing a certain kind of joy to those who go looking for it.

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