If a TV commercial is entertaining and memorable, you're more likely to think of the business it represents. Over the last five decades, many memorable, entertaining, and well-produced Maine commercials have appeared on our TVs.

I took a deep dive into YouTube and found what I think are the 10 TV commercials where Maine businesses got their money's worth. Some are recent, while others are for businesses that have closed, but they all make unforgettable impressions.

10. WBLM

Growing up in Maine in the '80s, WBLM was the station we listened to on the only bus in the school district with a radio. In 1985, this commercial was airing in Maine, featuring a janitor for the station sent on a whirlwind rock tour and coming back. He is interviewed, but all he can do is lip sync the radio station. The actor in this was amazing.

9. Oakhurst Dairy

Hey Vern! If you remember the late actor Jim Varney as "Earnest" in the '80s and '90s, you may not know that he did several commercials (in character) for Oakhurst Dairy.

8. Bangor Savings Bank

Who doesn't love kittens and Christmas? People loved this Bangor Savings Bank commercial with kittens playing around a Christmas Tree. They loved it so much, that Bangor Savings ran it for years.

7. Marden’s

Birdie Goggins is a Maine comedian, known by most as "The Marden's Lady". She starred in Marden's commercials for years, and was always crazy and excited about all the things she could get there. Unfortunately, Marden's decided to go in a different direction with their advertising, and the Marden's Lady commercials came to an end.

6. Bull and Claw

The Bull and Claw restaurant has been in Wells, Maine, since 1973. and they are still running commercials produced before high-def TVs. It's not the best Australian accent, but that's what makes it that much more entertaining. This one has a Crocodile Hunter theme.

5. Reny’s

"Reny's...A Maine Adventure." You can hear the jingle in your head, can't you? It's used in most of their commercials.

However, when Reny's started airing quick five-second commercials, they had people sing the jingle themselves, and it really caught on. Sometimes it got weird.

4. Lee Auto

Lee Auto hit gold with this commercial featuring a woman named Ina talking about her experience buying from Lee. However, she quickly went off the rails, asking why they don't hire someone to hold the boom mic over her head and "Where's Adam for crying out loud?" The moment was so genuine (and Ina was so funny) that they just went with it. Comedy gold.

3. Jolly John

"Jolly" John Pulsifer made a name for himself with his over-the-top and zany commercials, plus his catchphrases, "Hi ho!," and "I'm not Jolly unless you're happy." He has since passed, but Jolly John was brilliant at being over-the-top to get your attention.

He even struggled sometimes with his commercials sometimes, making great material for a blooper reel.

2. Big Al’s

Al Cohen, known best as "Big Al," had many similarities to Jolly John. He was the owner of "Big Al's Super Values" until it closed in 2021. He knew how to get your attention, like when he dressed up as a loud but not entirely dangerous wrestler.

1. Dysart’s

There's no disputing the #1 Maine TV commercial, but it wasn't the actual finished commercial that put Dysart's at #1. Jack and Sonja Palmer of Hermon became celebrities after they both struggled to say their lines. Here's the finished product.

And here's the blooper reel that got parodied on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

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