FRICK YA! Deck season is finally (almost) here in Portland, Maine! There's no type of happiness that beats driving through the city with your windows down while the sun's out, and watching each restaurant slowly start to build their outside decks. Now the funny part about a lot of the outside patios in the Old Port is that they were born from Covid, and are now sticking around for good. See, bad situations can have a positive side!

Now, let's break down some of my favorite patios in the Old Port and why. I have a long list, but I'll spare you and give you the top three. Let's see if you agree.

There is nothing quite like Luke's Lobster on the wharf. Two levels of deck, one huge view that lets you overlook the mystery of the ocean, and tons of leaning tables. A leaning table is a word out of the Krissy dictionary. It's an outside seating area that combines standing in such a perfect way where you can lean your elbows onto a ledge or put your drink there. You know exactly what I'm talking about, even though that was chaotic to try to describe.

Okay, moving on. I also adore Portland Lobster Co's Deck, since they provide live music and tons of outdoor seating on the ocean. Actually, their grand re-opening was just the other day.

Thirdly, sitting outside of Yosaku, the cool sushi spot on the corner of an intersection, is always great vibes. They have this beautiful cherry blossom tree that I like to watch come to life every spring once the weather stays over 50.

Obviously, there's tons of beautiful decks in Portland, Maine, but these are just some of my go-to's. Leave your go-to's in the comment section, and let's start a spring thread!

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