Heads up, drivers. If you're in Bath, Maine, there's a new traffic pattern you need to know about.

Starting May 22, 2024, the intersection of High Street and North Street is getting a major makeover.

It's going from just having stop signs on High Street at the intersection to becoming a full four-way stop, according to a Facebook post from the Bath, Maine, Police Department.

The response to the announcement on the Facebook post was positive. Here are just a few of them:

"Sounds good to me. I slow down there already to make sure nobody is going to run the stop sign on High Street which has happened several times."

"Glad to have this change. I have had too many close calls with people assuming it was a four way stop."

"Finally!!! I've had so many people run that sign where I literally had to lock my breaks!"

So why this change? The city decided to do a traffic study.

According to the Bath City Council meeting agenda for May 1, the study "incorporated a traffic engineering study, historical crash analysis, and current public comments/support, as well as receiving Transportation Committee support."

Interestingly, the engineering study determined a four-way stop isn't necessary based on the data. However, it was still recommended considering some of the issues of crashes and speeding in the area, according to the meeting agenda information.

The City Council approved the traffic pattern change and the decision to add the two extra stop signs at the May 1 meeting.

So look out for the four stop signs later this May if you're driving in the area. Stay safe out there.

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