I can honestly say I don't think I've ever written an article that has gotten as much response in the comments section of Facebook as the one titled "An Open Letter to the Driver Who Laid All This Rubber in Windham, Maine."

When writing this, I was prepared for a lot of backlash, and I wasn't disappointed. I know that many think that burning rubber on the roads is a rite of passage, and something that people very much enjoy. I was born and raised in rural Maine, and aside from a few years living in Portland, I've always lived in rural towns where burnouts are commonplace. It's nothing new to me, it's just something I don't understand.

Jeff Parsons - Townsquare Media
Jeff Parsons - Townsquare Media

With nearly 1,000 comments, opinions were hot on both sides, with most of the men in favor of it and most of the women opposed to it. Some of the comments were fantastic.

Jeff’s getting old. Plus that looks pretty urban. There’s houses everywhere in Maine. Some of us want music in the morning but we get complaining instead!

You aren't wrong. I am getting old. I don't even recognize the guy in the mirror.

This is what happens when flatlanders move to the country, they cry about everything. How many remember going to school with your rifle in the back window during hunting season? All these people that come from the city to the country don’t know what happens in the country. If you don’t like what happens in the country move back to where you came from.

I'm not a flatlander. Born and raised in Maine all my 50+ years of life, proving once again, that I am getting old.

Do “kids who walk on your grass next.”

That happens. It doesn't bother me in the least, because you won't hear a sound. Not nearly as interesting.

Why is Jeff still writing his whiny post for the Q when he doesn't work there anymore?

It's the same company. Same building. Same studio. All the articles we write appear on all our stations in Maine and New Hampshire.

Bet this post didn’t go the way you thought?

It's exactly how I thought it would go. I know I'm not in the majority on this stance.

Cue the “ I’m going to post something and prove I’m an old man with nothing better to do than complain “ post 😂😂

Mission accomplished. And yeah. I lead a pretty dull life.

Unfortunately, these idiots are everywhere. I live in the middle of a small town in a 30 mph zone and see it daily. And what’s with the moronic loud mufflers?! I think I could rant all day on this. Totally understand the frustration.

There's one on my side!

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