Gordon Ramsay New England

Celebrity Chef and one of social media's favorite influencers, Chef Gordon Ramsay, has been spending a lot of time in New England lately.

Partially because he can't stop opening restaurants in the area, but mostly because he opened up a Hell's Kitchen location inside of Foxwoods, which is the home of two seasons of the show Hell's Kitchen, which is currently filming if his Father's Day 2024 bike accident video on Instagram is any indication.

Gordon Ramsay Boston

With restaurants like Ramsay's Kitchen on Boylston Street and Gordon Ramsay Burger on Blackstone Street, Chef is also no stranger to Boston.

In fact, according to People, Gordon was spotted hopping around the city before he threw out the first pitch at the June 25, 2024 Boston Red Sox game.

And yes, because he's such a bad@$$ strong legend, Chef served up a Michelin-Star high and tight fastball from the Fenway mound.

Gordon Ramsay Pat Patriot

But it's the video that was posted to the official Patriots Instagram page before the first pitch even happened that is the one that stands out the most.

Not only did both Pat Patriot and Wally the Green Monster get the honor of hanging with the legendary Chef before the Sox game, but during that hang sesh, Gordon decided to channel his inner Tom Brady while taking a selfie video with Pat, screaming out Brady's iconic "LET'S F***ING GO!" into the camera...

patriots via Instagram
patriots via Instagram

...and sounding like he was hitting puberty the entire way.

Of course, Chef can do no wrong, so it was epic regardless of the voice cracking. And, also, got the official stamp of approval from TB12 himself in the comments section:

@gordongram looks good to me <3

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